Nikki Horton Speaks Out About Wind Turbines, Chatham-Kent, Ontario

“Nikki and her husband reside in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Their rural home is surrounded by IWTs. Her family, including two young boys, have suffered health, environmental, and economic problems associated with living near turbines.

Nikki’s property taxes have doubled since the renovations mentioned in this video, despite real estate agents saying her house is “unsellable” – she is currently taking action to resolve this property tax issue.

Nikki started a blog which has resulted in international conversations between victims suffering the same health problems.

A blog about unusual symptoms manifesting in her children is shown here:

Report Cards and Earaches – An update on the kids

Hi All,
It’s been a while since I wrote on the blog page…too long really…but it’s been a long, tough winter. Getting through the regular day to day stuff (laundry, homework, work, groceries, cleaning, taxes, etc.) seems like more than enough to use up the available time in a day. I wanted to update you on the kids though….
Last night my youngest who is now 7 yrs old woke up screaming that his ears hurt. We had fallen asleep together and so I was next to him. When he woke up and was so upset, crying and complaining of an earache, I instinctively touched his ear softly and he screamed. I assumed he had an ear infection, not uncommon in young children. I got up, got him some children’s advil, and a glass of water. I held him and let him watch a movie on the Blackberry playbook until he fell asleep. He said his ears hurt really bad. As I was laying with him I noticed that my ears felt a little sore, not a lot, just a little and that my glands felt a bit swollen, my mouth dry. I assumed we were both getting some kind of sinus, throat or ear infection or a cold. When we woke up in the morning however, everything was fine. It makes me wonder if it was a turbine affect since it came on so suddenly and was gone the next morning.
A few weeks ago, my oldest sons report card left me feeling terrible as well. He is 10 yrs old, in Grade 3 and got an amazing report card with some glowing remarks about him from his teacher. What got to me was a comment from the teacher that said “….needs to pay attention to his fellow students and teacher when they are talking….spends most of his day with his head on the desk“. When I asked him about it, my son’s reply was – I can’t help it mom, I am just so tired ALL THE TIME.
Boy, do I know that feeling. I can relate to what he is saying. I think I should mention that both my boys are pretty healthy, strong, good weight and fairly active. They both eat well and aren’t huge on sweets or snacks. They go to bed at a reasonable hour, usually by 8:30 on school nights. My boy should not be that tired every day. Then again, neither should I since I usually go to bed with them or shortly after them but I find myself fighting to stay awake when doing things like driving short distances or trying to read a book. This is from lack of sleep compounded over weeks, months, years.All I really want is to sell the house and move. We are going to try again, maybe one of the people who keep telling me it’s all in our head will be sure enough about that fact to want to buy it.Thanks for listening. Sleep well