Testimony, Noel Dean, Waubra, Senate Inquiry Into Wind Farms

Federal Senate Inquiry into The Social & Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms

Noel & Janine Dean describe the adverse health effects suffered by their family, which forced them to abandon their family home after the Waubra Wind Farm began operation.

I’ve owned the property at 377 Stud Farm Road since 1970, lived there with my wife Janine since early November 1974 and it is where we raised our three children.

We left our home of almost 35 years on 25 May 2009 because Janine and I had been experiencing extremely bad headaches and felt most unwell. Janine, my son Rod and I

suffered other adverse health affects which developed as time went on while working on the properties at Waubra for short periods even after no longer sleeping at this address. It took three months to identify why we were experiencing these severe adverse health effects. In that time I had done very little work, spent many hours in bed during the day not knowing what was wrong.

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