NSW Health: Environmental & Health Concerns, Coalpac Cullen Bullen Mine Proposal

May, 2012 Letter from NSW Health to NSW Dept of Planning & Infrastructure expressing concern about environmental noise

NSW Health expresses it concerns, “particularly in relation to the long-term health effects from dust, emissions from blasting and noise effects”.

Amongst concerns regarding dust and airborne particulate, the letter states that “We are concerned that the predicted mining noise levels as reported in the Acoustics Impact Assessment will significantly affect the community of Cullen Bullen, especially the local school and private residences…..”

Further: There is increasing evidence internationally that environmental noise exposure may cause risk to public health, and is recognised by international bodies such as the World Health Organisation, and the US Centre for Disease Control. There is some suggestion of the long-term effects of environmental exposure to noise on annoyance, sleep disturbance, children’s performance at school, hypertension and ischemic heart disease.”

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