Open Letter to Panel Developing WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines, European Region

Open Letter to the members of the panel developing the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region

July 2016

Marie-Eve Héroux, Marco Paviotti, Wolfgang Babisch. Göran Pershagen, Goran Belojevic. Kerstin Persson Waye, Mark Brink. Anna Prei, Sabine Janssen. Stephen Stansfield, Peter Lercher, Martin van den Berg, Jos Verbeek.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We understand that you are currently in the process of developing the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region as a regional update to the WHO Community Noise Guidelines. We also understand that:

  1. The new Guidelines will be based upon a review of evidence on the health effects of environmental noise in the light of significant research carried out in the last few years.
  1. The guidelines will review evidence on the health benefits of noise mitigation and interventions to decrease noise levels.
  1. The evidence will be systematically reviewed to assess likely effects such as: sleep disturbance, annoyance, cognitive impairment, mental health and wellbeing, cardiovascular diseases, hearing impairment and tinnitus and adverse birth outcomes.

One of the sources of noise you are investigating is that from wind turbines which was not addressed in previous guidelines.

We welcome your review because, despite mounting anecdotal and academic evidence, for too long mitigation against adverse health effects following the construction of wind turbines has been absent from planning guidelines and noise pollution regulations in many European countries, especially with respect to sound below 200 Hz.

There is a pressing need for new guidelines to encourage governments better to safeguard the health of their citizens.

You will be aware that these problems are not confined to Europe. Neither are they confined to human beings.

We are hopeful that your deliberations will result in tough new European guidelines which in turn will prompt a serious worldwide examination of all aspects of this problem, including the widely-reported effects on animals.

Yours sincerely,

The undersigned:

Mrs. V.C.K. Metcalfe – Scotland
Community Councillor

Mauri Johansson, MD, MHH – Denmark
Specialist in Community and Occupational Medicine, including
Environmental Medicine (retired)

Susan Crosthwaite – Scotland
Community Councillor. Author of ‘Request for Action’ to Scottish Government

Sarah Laurie – Australia
Bachelor Medicine, Bachelor Surgery and CEO, Waubra Foundation

Dr. Rachel Connor – United Kingdom
Bachelor Medicine, Bachelor Surgery,
and Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists. Chair of Moscow and Waterside Community Council

Virpi Poikolainen,- Finland
Physical therapist, Bachelor of Health Care. Community & County Councillor

Alun Evans MD – Northern Ireland
Professor Emeritus.Centre for Public Health.
The Queen’s University of Belfast.Institute of Clinical Science B

Vojko Bernard, metallurgist, President of Alpe Adria International – Slovenia

Angela Armstrong, M.B., Ch.B. Scotland
retired General Medical Practitioner and Occupational Physician

Tomaž Ogrin, BSc, MSc – Slovenia
Chemistry, researcher, scientist

Dr. Katarina Dea Žetko, BA, MSc, PhD – Slovenia
historical and germanic linguistics, Lecturer

William K.G. Palmer P. Eng. – Ontario, Canada

Jerry L. Punch, Ph.D.-USA
Professor Emeritus, Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders,
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Curt Devlin, B.A., MA – USA
Software Architect, Health Sciences

Alec N. Salt, PhD. – USA
Professor of Otolaryngology, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis

Gary Goland, Cert App Sci, (Medical Lab),- Australia
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Medical researcher, Adelaide

Dominic Mette Friends Against Wind – France

Sven Johannsen – Germany
CEO & Erik Brunne, Cert. Acoustic Engineers& Infrasound Experts,
GuSZ Gutachter u. Sachverständigen Zentrum für Umwelt-Messungen GmbH

Johannes Mayer M.D. – Germany
Family medicine, Osteopathic Medicine Clin. Ass.
Prof. Osteopathic medicine Athens/Ohio/USA
President Osteopathic physicians (BDOÄ)

Greta Gallandy-Jakobsen – Denmark
author, retired teacher, editor of wind turbine victims’ website

Sherri Lange and CanadaCEO North American Platform Against Wind Power

Wayne C. Spiggle, MD – USA

John Harrison, PhD- Canada
Expertise in wind turbine sound generation and propagation.
Former member: Ontario Ministry of the Environment Focus Group on Wind Turbine Noise Regulation.
Invited Speaker: 2008 World Wind Energy Conference

Mark Duchamp – Spain
President, Save the Eagles International
Chairman, World Council for Nature,
+34 693 643 736

Maxwell Whisson, MB,BS FRCPath – Australia
Retired medical consultant and leader in Medical Research, primarily cancer & haematology

George Papadopoulos – Australia
Pharmacist (B. Pharm), Yass, NSW

Mary Morris – Australia
Community based noise and health researcherand community advocate,
(near) Waterloo, South Australia

R.Y.McMurtry CM, MD, FRCS, FACS – Canada

Arline L. Bronzaft, Ph.D Professor Emerita, – USA
City University of New York

Angela Kearns- Australia
Retired Registered Nurse and Midwife

Eric Rosenbloom – USA
President National Wind Watch, Inc. <

Mariana Alves-Pereira, PhD – Portugal
Researcher and Expert on the biological response to Infrasound and low-frequency noise exposure

Susan Smith – Canada
Retired teacher. Founding member of Mothers Against Wind Turbines.
Experiencing life within 900 metres of an industrial wind turbine

George M Lindsay, B.Sc., PhD Engineer – United Kingdom

Ove Björklund – Sweden
Engineer. Board member of the Association “Good Environment Hylte”

Madeleine Kura – Turkey
Co-founder of Cesme Sustainabilty Platform website Izmir

Sandy Reider, MD – USA
Lyndonville, Vermont

Per Fisker, MD – Denmark
retired Consulting Gynecologist and Obstetrician

Jutta Reichardt, Soz.Päd.(graduate degree) behavioral therapist – Germany
Spokeswoman of sound victims on
(Affected by infra, low frequency and structure born sound of technical facilities such as wind turbines, pumps etc.)

Esen Fatma Kabaday Whiting – Turkey
Çeşme Municipality Councillor Biologist, Environmental Specialist (MS),
Project Cycle Management Specialist

Bernd Stymer – Sweden
Oldest and largest resistance against wind madness in Sweden

William G. Acker- USA
Consulting Engineer with Acker & Associates; Eight years of research work on Infrasound & Low Frequency Noise
from Cooling Towers, Industrial Wind Turbines, Boilers and Automoblies. Green Bay, Wisconsin

James Vanden Boogart – USA
President, Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy. Brown County

David Moriarty Falmouth, Mass – USA

Marshall Rosenthal – USA
MA Cultural Anthropology, Syracuse University, BS Biology, City College of NY,
former Health Officer, Child Development Group of Missisippi

Bruce Rapley, BSc, MPhil, PhD – New Zealand
Consulting Scientist. Principal Consultant: Environmental Health,
Acoustics and Human Cognition, Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd. [email protected]

Steven Cooper – Australia
Acoustical Engineer, The Acoustic Group

Janet Holtkamp – Netherlands
practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Nieuw-Buinen

Ipar Buğra Dilli- Turkey
Head of Karaburun City Council

Ghislaine Siguier – France
Présidente, Victimes des Éoliennes (Victims of Wind Turbines),

Dr Mireille Oud – Netherlands
medical physicst, founder of Dutch LinkedIn Expertise Group on Low Frequency Noise,
author of ‘Explanation for suffering from low-frequency sound’

Prof. Dr. Ümit Erdem – Turkey
EGE University, Agricultural Faculty, Dep. of Landscape Architecture, Izmir
Emeritus Fellow
Member of the European Ecological Federation

Prof. Dr. Zuhal Okuyan (MD) – Turkey
Community Health specialist and Medical Ethics lecturer Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir

Mustafa Tanısık – Turkey
Bodrum Peninsula Environmental Protection Platform

Stephen E. Ambrose, ASA, INCE Brd.Cert. – USA
Acoustic Investigator

Jean Pierre Riou – France
Président de l’association “Le Mont Champot” (

Robert W. Rand, ASA, INCE – USA

Christine Lavanchy – Switzerland
Research laboratory technician. Member of Paysage Libre Vaud committee, 1096 Cully

Paul Housiaux Solicitor (retd.) – United Kingdom

Simon & Brooke Yates – Australia
Mt Torrens, South Australia

Barbara Lebiedowska – Poland
Professor emeritus, independent researcher

Marek Lebiedowski – Poland
Professor emeritus, independent researcher

Marcin Przychodzki – Poland
Lawyer and editor-in-chief of website

Paweł Kotwica – Poland
Political scientist, translator and community advocate

Marek Jasudowicz – Poland
Mayor, Municipality of Giżycko, Masurian Lake District

Hal Wilson B.Ed (Chemistry and Mathematics) – England
retired, Staffordshire

Rick James, INCE – USA
E-Coustic Solutions, LLC, Okemos, MI 48805

Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Karababa –Turkey
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health, Ege University, Izmir

Annette Smith – USA
Executive Director, Vermonters for a Clean Environment

Dr Gary Hopkins Emergency physician – Australia

Dr. Alan C Watts OAM; HDA; B.Sc; M.B., Ch.B; L.R.C.P; M.R.C.S. – Australia
retired medical practitioner with an interest in the health effects of wind turbines

Dr. Colleen J Watts OAM; B.Sc.Agr.(Hons); M.Phil; Ph.D. – Australia
Environmental scientist

Carl V Phillips, MPP PhD – USA
consumer health advocate; former professor of public health and evidence-based medicine

Annie Gardner – Australia

Patina Schneider – Australia
Australian Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Network

Jean-Louis Butré President of – France
Also: President of the French Fédération Environnement Durable
regrouping 1060 French local associations

Witold Jaszczuk, D.Eng. – Poland
Vice President, Central Board, Liga Walki z Hałasem (Anti- Noise League),

Zbigniew Sienkiewicz – Poland
Ecology, environment & human health, protection of citizens’ rights

Keith Stelling, MA, MNIMH, Dip Phyt – Canada
Independent Researcher, Ontario

David R. Lawrence, MD – USA
Board Certified Internal Medicine ABIM Member Connecticut State Medical Society.
Member Litchfield County Medical Association, Executive Committee.
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Norma C. Schmidt, RN BScN Retired – Canada
Professor of Nursing

Peter R Mitchell, AM BchE – Australia
Founding Chairman of the Waubra Foundation

Catherine Mitchell – Canada
Director, Mothers Against Wind Turbines, Ontario

Linda Rogers, NP-PHC – Canada
Nurse Practitioner Primary Health Care, Ontario

John O’Sullivan – United Kingdom
CEO, Principia Scientific International,

Krzysztof Skotak –Poland
Researcher, Environmental and Health expert, National Institute of Public Health

Dr. Matthias Kleespies – Germany
Environmental scientist and climate researcher

Ross McLeod- Australia
Environmental Health Officer(retired), Queensland

Dr Timothy Ball – Canada
(Climatologist), Professor (retired), University of Winnipeg

Andrew Duncan B.S.c Property Studies. – Eire
County Councillor Westmeath County Council.
Spokesperson Lakelands Windfarm Information Group. (LWIG).

Malcolm Roberts, BE, Engineering – Australia
University of Queensland,
MBA, Business, University of Chicago.
Project manager for The Galileo Movement (Aus).

Lon Briet, – Turkey
Environmental Platform. Bodrum

Michael Jankowski. Electronics Engineer – Canada

Nicholas Kouwen, PhD., P.Eng., FASCE.-Canada
Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Waterloo. Waterloo, ON. N0C 1E0

Shellie Correia, Mothers Against Wind Turbines TM – Canada

Ferdinand Deželak. Head of laboratory –Slovenia
for physical measurements Institute of Occupational Safety. Ljubljana.
Vice president of the Slovenian Acoustic Society

Miha JANC, Dr.Vet.Med., Dr.Sci., – Slovenia
Emeritus Professor of Microbiology.,
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mads F. Hovmand, Senior Scientist – Denmark
Terrestrial Ecology,Department of Biology
University of Copenhagen.DK-1353 Copenhagen K, [email protected]

Gitte Nielsen – Denmark
Monnetvej 8

Jay J Tibbetts MD- USA
Vice Chair/Chair Brown County Board of Health
Declared Shirley Wind IWTs a Human Health Hazard Oct, 2014
Green Bay, WI

Kalevi Nikula,- Finland
Legal and External Affairs Director (retired)
M.Sc., Physiology, Biophysics, Biochemistry.
Chairman, The Finnish Association of Citizens Against Industrial Wind Power Plants
(TV-KY ry.)

Troels Flyvholm – Denmark

Kaj Bank Olesen, mink farmer from Vildbjergand- Denmark
& wind turbine refugee.

Bo Samson. Flight Engineer & quality coordinator, – Denmark
Tornbyvej 6
3700 Danmark

Marco Bernardi – Germany
Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland
Dipl.-Ing. Fahrzeugbau, KFZ-Sachverständiger Webmaster von
Seit 22 Jahren schallgeschädigt durch WEA [email protected]

Dr. Friedrich Buer, – Germany
Freier Biologe [email protected]

Dr. med. Dorothea Fuckert.Ärztin für – Germany
Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutschland
[email protected]

Dr. med. Manfred Fuckert – Germany
Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutschland
Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin-Homöopathie
[email protected]

Dr. med. Christian Rohrbacher – Germany
Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland
Facharzt für Innere Medizin, Psychoanalyse
[email protected]

Ron and Chris Jelbart, – Australia
Penshurst, Victoria

Achim Göbel – Germany
Hessen, Deutschland
Vorsitzender Regionalverband Taunus e.V.
Initiator der Verfassungsbeschwerde | [email protected]

Tilo Pollok – Germany
Dithmarschen, SH,Deutschland
Mitgründer und Vorstandsmitglied
[email protected]

Elke Gutschow-Veit, Anwohnerin an WKA – Germany
Dithmarschen, SH,Deutschland
[email protected]

Dr. Bernard Voigt – Germany
Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutschland
Artz Fur, Abeitsmedizin
Wiss, tagig zur – “Wirkung von IS auf die Gesundhet

Dr. Christoph Leinb – Germany
Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutschland
[email protected]

Dr. Med Kuno Veit, – Germany
Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland

Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Epple – Germany
Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutschland
[email protected]

Dr. Manfred Obermüller- Germany
Hessen, Deutschland
[email protected]

Herbert S. Coussons, MD, FACOG – USA
Practicing ObGyn and Primary Care Physician.
Associate Clinical Professor Medical College of Wisconsin Medical
Director and VP – Center for Applied Value Analysis

Eija-Riitta Korhola, doctor of environmental politics – Finland
former member of the European Parliament (1999-2014)

Carmen Krogh, BScPharm – Canada
Independent Health Researcher

Hans Günter Diehl – Germany
Facharzt für Innere Medizin
Organisation Ärzte für Immissionsschutz [email protected]

Jutta Maurer – Germany
since 2006 severely affected by means of sound disease
[email protected]

Dr. Rolf Sammeck – Germany
klinische Neuroanatomie
Organisation: Ärzte für Immissionsschutz,

Dr. med. Thomas Carl Stiller- Germany
Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin Gründer der Organisation Ärzte für Immissionsschutz [email protected]

Ortrud Kern, – Germany
Bayern, Deutschland
Betroffen von 200m hohen Windturbinen [email protected]

Dr. med. Günter Petig – Germany
Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland
Internist und Allgemeinmediziner

Mr Mike Stigwood, – United Kingdom
Environmental Health practitioner and acoustician,
researcher into wind farm noise impact and
lead consultant on the Cotton Farm research project.
[email protected]

Dr John Yelland, MA DPhil (Oxon) – United Kingdom
Physicist and acoustician currently practising as an independent consultant

Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Musehold – Germany
Biologe. Schleswig-Holstein [email protected]

Geoffrey Sinclair, Environment Consultant. – Wales, United Kingdom
Experience in the field of wind turbines & their noise since 1990

Jane Wilson, RN – Canada
President – Representing Wind Concerns Ontario. Ottowa

John Madigan – Australia
Chair, Senate Select Committee into Wind Turbine Regulation,
Australian Federal Parliament, 2015 siness/Committees/Senate/Wind_Turbines

Former Independent Senator for Victoria

Emyr Griffiths, BSc Biol.Geol. – Wales, United Kingdom
Independent infrasound researcher –
wife is hypersensitive to wind turbine infrasound and is now a wind turbine refugee.

Dr M L McKenna – Scotland, United Kingdom
Chair of Ballantrae Community Council
Member of Ballantrae Development Group.
Beachbank House Foreland.Ballantrae
KA26 0NQ

Virginia Stewart Love, – Canada
Grey Highlands, Grey County, Ontario.
Adversely affected by wind turbines since 2012 – effects corroborated by physician. The GREY/BRUCE presentation to the M.O.H & Health Board resulted in: (The Systemic Review 2013: Association between Wind Turbines and Human Distress) being conducted which determined “reasonable evidence supporting the existence of an association between wind turbines and distress in humans and the existence of a dose response relationship between distance from wind turbines.”

Struan Stevenson – Scotland, United Kingdom
(Member of the European Parliament for Scotland 1999-2014).
Balig House, Ballantrae, KA26 0JY Ayrshire.

Maurice E. Bakker BSc MBA – Netherlands
Chairman Stichting Gigawiek (NGO serving those in vicinity of Windpark Houten)
Rijnpolder 97 3991 HR Houten

Prof. em. dr. Albert Koers – Netherlands
Chairman NLVOW (Netherlands Association of People Living in the Vicinity of Windfarms)

Barbara Ashbee Mulmur. Ontario. – Canada
Impacted family and Co-ordinator of VOW – Victims of Wind

Malcolm A. Swinbanks, M.A., PhD, – United Kingdom
Mathematician & Acoustician, having lived within an extensive windfarm community wi
th direct experience of the adverse effects that can arise.

Ripley Group: Sandy & John MacLeod and family, – Canada
(The late Mrs. Barbra Basser) and Family, (The late, Brenda) & Glenn Wylds & family,
Melissa &Kent Wylds & Family and the neighbours who suffer silently

Leena Kurikka, Isokorventie – Finland
47 61300 Kurikka.
Adversely impacted by noise from wind turbines.

Aaron Van Ooteghem, – Canada
Norfolk County, Ontario.
Our family was forced to leave our home by the adverse health impacts of turbine noise upon us

Greg Schmalz, – Canada
Founder & manager of S.T.O.P. (Saugeen Shores Turbine Operation Policy),
114 Shipley Ave., Saugeen Shores, Ontario. N0H2C5

Debbie Hughes R.N., M.A., CCRA – Canada
Clinical Trials Research certified.

Mo & Peter Caswell, Vale of Belvoir. – England, UK
Adversely affected by turbine noise and wishing to point out that:
‘When something affects you beyond the distance that “experts” claim to be safe – there is something wrong with the system which allows this.’

Patti Hutton – Canada
Co-Facilitator HARM Central Bruce Grey Wind Concerns Ontario
3184 Bruce Road 20
RR3 Tiverton, Ontario. N0G2T0

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