Open Letter to Victorian Premier Denis Napthine

These are your constituents, Premier. How would you feel if it was vulnerable members of your own family in the position these constituents of yours find themselves in?

Dear Premier Napthine,

I have been advised that after the opening of the AGL/NZ Government owned Meridian Energy Macarthur wind development 4 days ago, you met with some of the sick and exhausted residents who asked you to listen to them, and pleaded with you to help them.

The delegation included residents in your electorate from Macarthur, who cannot sleep in their homes at night, and cannot remain living or working in their homes, workshops and on their farms during the day, because of the intolerable and well documented symptoms and sensations associated with the audible and inaudible noise and vibration generated by large industrial wind turbines. They are exhausted, and they are sick. When they are away from the operating wind turbines, their symptoms consistently improve. This direct correlation of these specific symptoms with exposure to operating wind turbines is reported consistently around the world, in neighbours to wind turbines, including turbine hosts.

The residents told me you showed no concern for their situation, said there was “no evidence” of health problems, and said that it was “a Federal Government problem” and that there was “nothing your government could do”. It is untrue that there is “no evidence” and I have attached my statement to a recent VCAT case, which details just some of the existing evidence. That statement was sent to all Victorian members of Parliament recently, including yourself, as was the media release, also attached.

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