Pacific Hydro Commended by Waubra Foundation

5th June, 2014

Media Release

Pacific Hydro Commended on Initiating Wind Turbine Noise Acoustic Survey

Preliminary results of a comprehensive acoustic survey initiated by Pacific Hydro and conducted at its Cape Bridgewater Wind Development support the Waubra Foundation’s concerns about the current unsafe Victorian Government Wind Turbine Noise Pollution regulations.

The Chairman of the Waubra Foundation, Peter Mitchell, commended Pacific Hydro on the acoustic investigation and preliminary results released at a Pacific Hydro Community Consultative Committee meeting in Cape Bridgewater on 2nd June, 2014.

“This sort of detailed acoustic investigation is precisely what the Australian Federal Senate Inquiry recommended nearly three years ago” he said.

“Pacific Hydro CEO, Lane Crockett, and its Board should be congratulated for being the first company in the world to instigate, fund, and cooperate with such a comprehensive acoustic survey into the reported impacts on local residents”.

Independent acoustic consultant Mr Steven Cooper is undertaking the acoustic investigation work.

After reviewing his results to date Mr Cooper stated in the meeting that it appeared that infrasound was a problem inside dwellings and that the use of dBA levels to characterize “noise” from wind turbines was “useless”. Mr Mitchell welcomed this statement, as it clearly indicates that noise guidelines which only specify dBA limits, are also useless in protecting neighbours from wind turbine generated acoustic emissions.

Mr Mitchell noted that the methodology developed by Mr Cooper in consultation with the residents to separate their perceptions of noise from perceptions of vibration and other sensations is resulting in a better understanding of what is directly causing those perceptions and sensations.

Mr Cooper’s preliminary findings appear to be similar to those of Dr Neil Kelley (USA) and his colleagues, who established direct causation of symptoms from wind turbine generated impulsive infrasound and low frequency noise from a single downwind bladed wind turbine in the 1980’s.

Mr Cooper’s preliminary acoustic survey measurements are also consistent with recent research at Waterloo Wind Development by the acoustic research team led by Emeritus Professor Colin Hansen, from Adelaide University, South Australia.

Details of Steven Cooper’s findings:

Dr Neil Kelley’s research from the 1980’s:

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