Papadopoulos, George. To Australian Prime Minister – A Need for an Official Enquiry into Corruption

To: The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP
Prime Minister
Cc: Federal Senators and Members of Parliament

RE: AMA statement on wind farm – A need for an official enquiry into corruption


Dear Prime Minister,

Firstly I thank you for showing the care and concern for rural Australia by recently announcing a study into wind farms and health impacts – a position clearly mandated by the research gaps identified by the recent NHMRC Draft Information Paper: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health.

I am writing to you to bring to your attention two documents that unfortunately hint of widespread collusion between the wind industry and members of the medical profession: and

Both AMA position statements reflect an abstract position that does not examine reality. The authors make it clear that they are in total sync with the opinions and “research” of Professor Simon Chapman of Sydney University, but ignore significant peer reviewed published literature, the abundance of anecdotal reports of harm to human and animal health and the ongoing litany of controversy that continues unabated.

Should any medical practitioner take the AMA position statement seriously and try implementing its recommendation, they will have to show disregard for clinical observation, tell any of their patients living around wind farms and complaining of wind turbine related symptoms that they are victims of scaremongering, and perhaps report the incident to authorities for action.

It seems that the AMA perceives information and open discussion as a threat to the mental wellbeing of the modern Australian.


The prime target of the AMA appears to be one of its own: Sarah Laurie, the CEO of the Waubra Foundation.

I feel enough is enough. The blind eco-fascist fanaticism displayed by many is ever evident. The colours of corruption, lunacy and patent stupidity are becoming apparent amongst the highest echelons of academia and professionals.

The wind industry appears to be well aware that these large pieces of mega machinery are prime and unique sources of infrasound and low frequency noise – they are also atmospheric air blenders, sources of turbulence and disruption to local microclimates.

The harm wind turbines can cause has been described by NASA scientists in the 1980’s. The response by Sarah Laurie to the AMA is very comprehensive and makes the case clear:

I urge you to consider calling for a Royal Commission (or at the least, some form of Parliamentary inquiry) into why we are so painfully rediscovering what was evident back in the 1980s. As a result, billions of dollars have been wasted; community after community is being divided, turned upside down and subjected to the same sonic torture reported elsewhere. Some of the least fortunate rural residents have spent almost two decades of their lives campaigning. And while all this is happening, government departments and authorities to date sit back like lame ducks, confused and disorientated while a few shrewd academics and professionals do their job to ensure confusion continues so that the wind industry may continue to proliferate.

George Papadopoulos
Yass NSW
23 March 2014

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