Peer Review of Noise Impact Assessment, Stony Gap Wind Farm, South Australia

The Acoustic Group Pty Ltd, Consulting Acoustical & Vibration Engineers, peer review a Noise Impact Statement from Marshall Day Acoustics. May 26 2012

An application has been submitted to the Regional Council of Goyder by Roaring 40s Renewable Energy Pty Ltd for the proposed Stony Gap Wind Farm to be located near the township of Burra, north of Adelaide, South Australia.

Accompanying the application is a report from Marshall Day Acoustics dated 2 March 2011, for TRUenergy. Subsequent advice is that there is a different acoustic report from Marshall Day Acoustics which is not on the TRUenergy website.

Examination of the two reports reveals some differences. The Council has received objections in relation to approval of the proposed wind farm, one of the grounds being noise disturbance. Objectors have cited impacts from existing wind farms in the region as evidence of potential impacts arising from the proposed wind farm.

In view of the Council not having staff with expertise in acoustics for assessing the objector’s claims and complaints from residents concerning operational wind farms in the region, the Council requested a peer review of the above two noise reports.

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