People Should be Given Benefit of Doubt on Wind Turbine Illness

Cooma-Monaro Deputy Mayor Says People Should be Given Benefit of Doubt
ABC News, Sept. 17, 2013

A campaigner who fought against a wind farm to be built in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains says she is not concerned by new research that shows wind turbines may not make people sick.

This week, an acoustic engineering group said the infrasound frequencies found near wind farms are no higher than those already in the natural environment.

But Cooma-Monaro deputy mayor and anti-Boco Rock wind farm campaigner, Bronnie Taylor, says there is also evidence to suggest they do affect people’s health.

She says those who say the turbines make them feel sick should be given the benefit of the doubt.

“I know with my experience in nursing I have watched so many people talk about symptoms and say they knew something was wrong and they were ignored and then time has actually proven that they have a malignancy,” Ms Taylor said.

“So I would be very reluctant to disregard a large amount of people’s complaints.

“But that really has to come down to the scientists. “

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