Petition to the Waubra Foundation to Change Its Name

In November 2013 a petition was received from some Waubra residents, requesting the Foundation to change its name.

That petition naturally included turbine hosts, some signatories residing in the vicinity of Waubra and others from as far away as Far North Queensland, .

The petitioners made their request public, which caused others to communicate with the Foundation appealing that it not change its name.

The board of the Waubra Foundation considered the request and unanimously rejected the request to change its name.

In responding to the petitioners, the board said:

“Your group is correct in that by choosing the name Waubra for our Foundation we have brought the name of a small Victorian town to the attention of many people around Australia and, incidentally, to many other Western nations. 

This has not happened because we keep saying that Waubra is the most dangerous wind project in the world, or even in Victoria. We don’t.  

It has happened because first the developers of this wind farm chose to call this project the Waubra wind farm, which has become notorious in Australia for failing to achieve (noise) compliance; and second, because the Waubra wind farm was the first wind project where the victims were brave enough to take on the developer and fight for their families’ health, homes and farms. 

Waubra residents should be proud that a group of technically and otherwise expert citizens have worked incredibly hard for three years to bring about recognition of the problems that this large and powerful industry continues to deny, despite the existence of sufferers living in the vicinity of virtually every modern wind project.  

The Waubra Foundation will continue to fight for the human rights and health of people around wind projects in ways that are made clear in our website and until proper and safe siting controls are in place. We are confident that the bulk of residents at Waubra will ultimately regard the work of the Waubra Foundation with pride and gratitude. A number of residents have already imparted those views to us. 

Our suggestion is that your group devote your energies to working on the local problem, be it a problem of your or someone else’s family, to demand the developer meets compliance and shuts down turbines at night as is happening at a growing number of sites overseas.” 

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