Pinwherry Pinmore to South Ayrshire Council – Hadyard Hill Wind Farm Impacts

Pinwherry and Pinmore Community Council

To: Environmental Health, South Ayrshire Council
Re: Noise and nuisance from Hadyard Hill windfarm

Pinwherry and Pinmore Community Council wish to express their concern and support for xxxxx and his family at Laigh Tralorg and xxxxx at High Tralorg in the area of Hadyard Hill windfarm.

For years their lives have been made a misery and their health badly affected by the noise and shadow flicker from the turbines at Hadyard Hill. We are pleased to hear that South Ayrshire Council’s Environmental Health team are now taking their problems seriously and providing support and advice.

We hope appropriate enforcement action will now be taken by South Ayrshire Council.

Pinwherry and Pinmore Community Council would appreciate being kept fully informed of the action being taken by Environmental Health to deal with these issues.

We are faced with many other proposed wind turbines in our area and residents need to be assured that this situation will not be repeated.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Claire Pirrie
6 March 2011
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