Pollard, J & R. Submission to 2015 Select Committee on Wind Turbines

“When the wind farm commenced we had no idea that we would be so badly affected by the turbines.”

We live 2.5 Kilometres from the nearest turbine of the Oaklands Hill Wind farm at Glenthompson Victoria. When the wind farm commenced we had no idea that we would be so badly affected by the turbines. So much so AGL are still turning off 6 turbines closest to our house at night for which we are grateful.

Regarding the Planning Permit

In 2007, we were informed at the preliminary hearing for the panel hearing that we would be having a wind farm regardless of community wishes or concern. Wind farm hosts have not been informed of the full implications of having turbines on their land.

The National Health and Medical Research Council has consistently denied there is a health problem with wind turbines and have not instigated a thorough enquiry into the low frequency/infrasound sensation affect on human health.

The recent study at Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm by Steven Cooper has definitely shown there is a cause for concern. His work has been peer reviewed by Dr. Schomer and cosigned by George Hessler, the President and principal consultant for US acoustics specialist Hessler Associates.

Our house was privately tested for low frequency/infrasound within a year of this wind farm commencing. The brief outside test conducted by AGL was futile. The very old New Zealand standards are still adhered to.

Our land has been devalued by 30 – 40% and would be difficult to sell. We do not want to leave our home especially as we are elderly. We appeal once again to the Senate for help.

Yours sincerely

John & Robin Pollard
February, 2015

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