Professor Alun Evans speaks on Newstalk – The Pat Kenny Show

June 11, 2014

Speaking on Irish radio’s The Pat Kenny Show (Newstalk), Professor Emeritus Alun Evans, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Public Health, The Queen’s University of Belfast, epidemiologist, talks about the health effects of noise from wind turbines, with particular reference to the health problems resulting from chronic sleep deprivation, including cardiovascular disease.

Professor Alun Evans has authored a number of articles and given a number of presentations to various groups including Irish Physicians, about the health problems resulting from wind turbine noise.

Professor Evans and UK Sleep Physician Dr Chris Hanning coauthored an editorial in the British Medical Journal in 2012. Download the 2012 BMJ editorial on wind turbine noise →

Professor Evans also wrote to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) concerning their position statement issued in 2014. Download Professor Evan’s letter to the AMA →

Also included with Professor Evan’s letter to the AMA was a recent review article. Download Professor Evan’s 2014 review article on wind turbine noise →