Public Health Assoc. of Australia Apology to Sarah Laurie

August 27, 2013

Mr Stuart Gibson
Gibson Solicitors
Level 8 91 William St
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Dear Mr Gibson,

I refer to your letter and concerns notice dated 31 July 2013.

First, I should make it clear that it is not, and at no time has it been, either my intention, or that of the PHAA, to ‘damage’ the reputation or feelings of Dr Laurie. Secondly, in referring to the NHMRC the material concerning Dr Laurie which had been received by the PHAA, my intention was to refer the material for consideration by other more appropriate bodies as to whether any ethical issue concerning medical research had been raised. Given the nature of the material, I considered that I was under a moral obligation to do so. Having regard, amongst other things, to the referenced form of the material provided, I had no reason to believe the information provided was untrue.

Neither I, nor the PHAA, approved, reviewed, edited or consented to the publication of what you refer to as the First Crikey Article and my conduct was not part of a pre-meditated and deliberate strategy as you have alleged.

On behalf of the PHAA, and myself personally, I sincerely regret any hurt that my actions or that of the PHAA may have caused Dr Laurie in the past and neither I nor the PHAA intend to pursue what you describe as “Imputations of Concern” any further.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Moore
CEO Public Health Association of Australia

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