Radio – The Lynn Martin Show interview with Colette McLean, Ontario resident, 7 November 2014

7 November, 2014

Radio – The Lynn Martin Show 7 November 2014

Colette McLean, a resident of Ontario, Canada responds to a recent Health Canada Report and talks about her experiences living near wind turbines, and participating in the Health Canada study.

There is mounting anger in Canada about the Health Canada Report which cost Canadian taxpayers $2.1 million dollars. The methodology was flawed from the outset, and the Health Canada officials and advisers to the project ignored the advice of wind industry independent experts with direct knowledge of the health problems reported by the residents, and specific professional expertise in this field.

One of the advisers to the Health Canada Project was Dr Norm Broner, who is the sole acoustician on the Australian NHMRC’s Expert Panel overseeing the recent Literature Review. Dr Broner’s work for the wind industry at Waterloo and Toora was exposed by Senator John Madigan and Senator Chris Back.