Rahilly, Dr Patrick. Paediatrician Writes to AMA

Dr Patrick Rahilly, UK trained Paediatrician, currently residing in rural NSW writes to Senator Madigan (Victoria) about his letter to the AMA

Dear Senator Madigan,

I have written to the AMA about my concerns about their statement on wind farms.

I am a paediatrician (and also incidentally run beef cattle with a particular interest in low stress stock handling) and so am concerned about the possible effect on children’s health of these things (and also on cattle!) The major point I made to the AMA was that it is not enough to say that there is no conclusive proof of the effects on physical and mental health.

As with medicines, the level we should work at is proof that they are safe – a very different level of safety.

There is certainly enough convincing anecdotal evidence (and some proof) supporting the possibility of harm to both humans and animals to warrant a complete moratorium on construction of wind farms until they are proven safe. I also stressed that I see myself as an environmentalist, and I am all for the development of renewable energy- in fact I see it as vital.

I hope this is useful,

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Patrick Rahilly, BSc(Hons), BS, MD, MRCP(UK)

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