Resonate Acoustics, Macarthur Wind Farm, Infrasound & Low Frequency Noise Report

Resonate Acoutics, Macarthur Wind Farm
Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Operational Monitoring Results
18 July 2013

Since it was commissioned, the Macarthur industrial wind facility in Victoria with its 140 VESTAS V112 wind turbines placed in amongst homes and farms in the Western District of Victoria has been the subject of complaint. Numerous families have experienced severe sleep deprivation and other characterstic symptoms, and have to leave their homes regularly to obtain relief and a good night’s sleep. One family have already left, because of the adverse impact of the operating wind turbines on their young children.

Resonate Acoustics monitored two properties for the wind developer AGL and produced a substantial report in July, 2013.

Resonate concludes: Overall this assessment has demonstrated that infrasound and low frequency noise levels form Macarthur Wind Farm are compliant with relevant assessment criteria at the two nearby residences. No change in infrasound levels was identified relative to the pre-operational monitoring. An increase in low frequency noise levels at frequencies of 63 Hz and above was measured at each of the residences for particular conditions, and may be a result of noise from Macarthur Wind Farm

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Several acousticians who have reviewed this work have expressed their concerns about the methodology and the accuracy of the measurements. There is concern that the measurements do not reflect the full sound energy impact. When formal critiques or peer reviews are available they will be posted here.