Leventhall, G. A Review of Published Research on Low Frequency Noise

A Review of Published Research on Low Frequency Noise & Its Effects
Dr Geoff Leventhall, Peter Pelmear, Stephen Benton,  May 2003

Low frequency noise causes extreme distress to a number of people who are sensitive to its effects. Such sensitivity may be a result of heightened sensory response within the whole or part of the auditory range or may be acquired.

The noise levels are often low, occurring in the region of the hearing threshold, where there are considerable individual differences. There is still much to be done to gain a fuller understanding of low level, low frequency noise, its effects, assessment and management. Survey papers of low frequency noise and its occurrence include (Backteman et al., 1983a; Backteman et al., 1983b; Backteman et al., 1984a; Backteman et al., 1984b; Berglund et al., 1996; Broner, 1978a; Hood and Leventhall, 1971).

Historically, early work on low frequency noise and its subjective effects was stimulated by the American space programme, a source of very high levels of low frequency noise.

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