Munro, S. Rich Land Waste Land – How Coal is Killing Australia

In a talk entitled Clearing Out the Country, Author Sharyn Munro speaks about her new book, Rich Land Waste Land – How Coal is Killing Australia

Riches are the things that people and society treasure, be they personal health and wellbeing, attachment to place, a sustainable clean food and water supply, or the preservation of irreplaceable natural environments…

Environmental degradation and the gradually worsening ill-health of mine neighbours (both coal and coal seam gas) is examined in Munro’s book.

“Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise struck me like a silent and invisible weapon of destruction, zapping residents as they tried to sleep, making especially the elderly dangerously ill. In other parts of Cumbo they had extreme audible noise day and night; all had the added torture of sleep deprivation.

Add to that the offensive denial that there was a problem, so the mine wouldn’t buy them out, and nobody else would; after a few years of it the victims were willing to take a reluctantly and way-too belatedly offered pittance to just get out of there. Or be carried out, as John Kattau said.”

Coming from the Hunter, I know too well what the Wasteland part is like…

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