Ron and Chris Jelbart – Macarthur Wind Farm Victoria

With the Macarthur Wind Farm only partially operational
neighbours are beginning to feel the effects

Renewable Energy (Electricty) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Windfarms) Bill 2012

As I sit writing this I am conscious of the noise coming at me from the Macarthur Wind Farm.

At this stage there are only 30 of the 143 turbines turning. They have gradually increased the number operating over the last two and a half weeks. This number will continue to grow until all 143 are operating by January 2013.

The noise in my kitchen is audible and continuous, even though the windows are closed, and the wind is stirring the pines to the west and the trees in the garden.

Already my husband is losing sleep. The noise on a couple of nights has woken him 3 or 4 times, interrupting his sleep.

We do not know what the consequences will be as more turbines are brought into commission, but fear that our health will suffer as has happened to so many others, both here in Australia, and in many countries overseas…

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