Rupprecht, Ella, “We Thought We Were Going To Be Far Enough Away & Safe”

Mr. Schomer, we thought we were going to be far enough away and we would be safe. We were wrong
Ella Rupprecht, Michigan, USA

The following was written by Mrs. Rupprecht. She sent it to Paul Schomer, PhD, a prominent noise engineer who has studied wind turbine noise and vibration.

“The turbine installation is approximately 7 miles north of me. I can see them clear as day. More, I can tell you which way they are pointed, and I can tell you when they are pointed towards my property and running, all without looking out my windows. How? I wake during the morning to nausea and have ringing ears during their operation. My head is pressurized during these times.

I never, ever had this problem before. Just a few days ago while speaking to a neighbour north of me one mile, she tells me that she has had the same problems. Her ears are now plugged on a constant basis and her doctor has found no reason for this. Soon there will be many people with unexplained sickness coming out of these areas—a region that will soon be a Mecca of Ill-Destruction with no recourse for the people it will affect.”

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