SA EPA & Resonate, Infrasound Levels Near Windfarms, Other Environments

South Australian Environment Protection Authority and Resonate Acoustics Report

T Evans, J Cooper & V Lenchine,
Undertaken in conjunction with Resonate Acoustics January 2013

Interestingly, this report was published shortly after the Chairman of the SA EPA visited the Waterloo industrial wind project and met with residents suffering from adverse health effects, where he said, on camera, that the EPA would commence full spectrum noise monitoring, using its powers to require the wind developer to perform on-off switching of selected turbines in order to gain a true picture of the acoustic effects.

The conclusion drawn from this published study states: “This study concludes that the level of infrasound at houses near the wind turbines assessed is no greater than that experienced in other urban and rural environments, and that the contribution of wind turbines to the measured infrasound levels is insignificant in comparison with the background level of infrasound in the environment.”

Download the EPA – Resonate report → The Report has been peer reviewed by The Acoustic Group (Steven Cooper) A copy of the Peer Review can be downloaded at →