Testimony, Samantha Stepnell, Waubra, Senate Inquiry Into Wind Farms

Samantha & Carl Stepnell have abandoned their home and taken
their children to live far away from the turbines that surround their farm

Renewable Energy (Electricty) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Windfarms) Bill 2012

This wind farm is currently a NON-COMPLIANT wind Energy facility, over a period of three years I have made numerous representations to State and Federal MP’S, the EPA the Department of health, the Pyrenees Shire and the developer ACCIONA ENERGY all to no avail.

We have 4200 acres at Waubra of high quality farming land and are currently running 19,500 sheep 500 acres of crop and 100 acres irrigated land.

Our home is 800 to 900 metres from 4 turbines closely clustered together and we have 7 turbines within 2 km from our family home. Our entire farm which we work is surrounded by turbines. So we are exposed all day and night.

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