Saccorotti et al, Seismic Noise by Wind Farms

Seismic Noise by Wind Farms: A Case Study from the VIRGO Gravitational Wave Observatory, Italy.
Gilberto Saccorotti, Davide Piccinini, L’ena Caughie, Irene Fiori

“We present analyses of the noise wave field in the vicinity of VIRGO, the Italy-France gravitational wave observatory located close to Pisa, Italy, with special reference to the vibrations induced by a nearby wind park. The spectral contribution of the wind turbines is investigated using (i) on-site measurements, (ii) correlation of spectral amplitudes with wind speed, (iii) directional properties determined via multichannel measurements, and (iv) attenuation of signal amplitude with distance. Among the different spectral peaks thus discriminated, the one at frequency 1.7 Hz has associated the greatest power, and under particular conditions it can be observed at distances as large as 11 km from the wind park”.

Using seismic measuring devices, the scientists “found a relationship between wind speed and noise amplitude… ”

“These two pieces of information” allowed them “to build a predictive relationship linking wind speed with expected noise amplitude for any custom configuration of wind turbines. This latter argument will permit, given the robust statistics of wind speed, (the assessment of) the probabilities of exceeding an arbitrary noise amplitude threshold at any site of interest within the study area, as a consequence of a present or proposed wind farm”.

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