Senator Bob Day Dismissive of Clean Energy Council Claims

Letters: The Australian
May 01, 2015 12:00AM

Not a fan of wind farms

“Kane Thornton is clearly a big fan of wind turbines regardless, it seems, of their ability to generate clean energy (Letters, 28/4). Given the amount of carbon dioxide produced in the manufacture, installation and operation of wind turbines, one would have thought Thornton’s Clean Energy Council would be promoting other forms of clean energy — nuclear power, for example.

As for previous reports into wind farms, I have seen them and am astounded as to how he can be so dismissive of the adverse health those living near wind farms are suffering. So much so, that good people are being driven from their homes, their farms and their businesses. Many of these residents originally welcomed wind farms. Previous inquiries have made recommendations addressing these matters but such recommendations have not been acted on. Meanwhile, evidence has emerged relating to the health effects of exposure to infrasound and I am pleased to see the National Health and Medical Research Council is planning to undertake further research in this area.”

Bob Day, senator for South Australia

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