Senator Chris Back speaks to Alan Jones & Graham Richardson (Sky News)

interview on April 8th, 2014.

Senator for Western Australia Senator Chris Back, who is also a trained veterinary scientist who worked in rural areas prior to entering Federal Parliament, talks with Alan Jones and Graham Richardson on Sky News about wind turbines. Many topics are covered in the discussion, including the adverse health effects. Specific mention was made of

  • known causes of the reported adverse health effects
  • misinformation by the industry and its supporters
  • property devaluation
  • damaging conflict in rural communities
  • turbine hosts becoming sick, with specific reference to wind turbine host David Mortimer’s situation
  • gag clauses in contracts stopping people from speaking out
  • the Federal Government’s commitment to get the proper research done
  • Macarthur, AGL’s behaviour, and their letter to the doctors in the district
  • the AMA position statement

After the interview concluded, Alan Jones quoted an extract from Professor Alec Salt’s recent paper including: “there is now knowledge of how infrasound penetrates the ear, but anyone suggesting that the infrasound just stayed in the ear was playing a very dangerous game”.