Senator Madigan Proposes Penalising Waubra Wind Project For Being Non-Compliant

Senator John Madigan, moves that the Waubra Wind Project be stripped of Renewal Energy Certificates until it becomes conmpliant
Hansard March 14 2013

Since 2009, Acciona’s Waubra wind farm in Victoria has been operating as a Clean Energy Regulator accredited energy supplier, allowing it to receive tens of millions of dollars in renewable energy certificates. But to be accredited you must prove that you are compliant and to be compliant you must supply a certificate of compliance from the relevant state authority. In Victoria, that authority is the Department of Planning and Community Development. That department has advised my office that the Waubra wind farm has not been signed off by the minister on any noise compliance, despite operating for 3½ years. As Acciona has no certificate of compliance it cannot be compliant, cannot qualify for accreditation by the CER and cannot qualify to receive tens of millions of dollars of RECs that it has received to date.

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