Sivertsen B. et al. Insomnia as a Risk Factor for Ill Health

Results from the large population-based prospective HUNT Study in Norway

Borge Sivertsen, Tea Lallukka, Paula Salo, Stale Pallesen, Mari Hysing, Steinar Krokstad, Simon Overland


This study sought to examine the prospective associations between insomnia and subsequent physical and mental conditions. By linking data from two waves of a large population study, conducted 11 years apart (the HUNT studies) we found that insomnia at HUNT2 was a significant risk factor for the incidence of a range of both physical and mental conditions at HUNT3, even after adjusting for confounding factors.


Bearing in mind the methodological limitations stemming from observational epidemiological data, our study indicates that insomnia is a risk factor for several physical and mental disorders. It can be considered supportive of the clinical implication that treatment of insomnia may contribute to the prevention of both physical and mental disorders. However, more research is needed to support this hypothesis.

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