SKM Waterloo Stage 1 Environmental Noise Modelling May 2009 Main report-2

Environment Noise Modelling, Stage 1, Waterloo Wind Farm, South Australia May, 2009, reviewed and approved by Dr Norm Broner, from Sinclair Knight Merz

This document is the original noise prediction modelling for the Waterloo Wind Development, Stage 1.

Waterloo is now infamous in Australia, like Waubra, for having numerous residents reporting serious adverse sleep and health impacts from the noise from the Waterloo wind development. There have been numerous home abandonments, some on the medical advice of both general practitioners and a cardiologist.

Mrs Mary Morris has provided a comparison between the noise predictions made by Sinclair Knight Merz in this noise modelling report from 2009, and the actual post construction noise generated by the wind development, as reported by Marshall Day Acoustics from 2011.

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