Stamos, Marie. To ACNC in Support of Waubra Foundation

…denial of the Waubra Foundation as a Health Promotion Charity must be interpreted as an impediment to progress and truth

Memo to: Susan Pascoe, ACNC Commissioner

ACNC Assistant Commissioner David Locke’s denial as expressed quite succinctly by the World Council for Nature, 2/9/2015, (below) will focus all eyes on the truth.

 “We were therefore surprised to learn that, last December, ACNC Assistant Commissioner David Locke had ruled that the Waubra Foundation should no longer qualify as a Health Promotion Charity – a decision which would reduce its modest private funding to a trickle. He asserted, against mountains of evidence (see the Waubra Foundation’s Expert Opinion, Stony Gap Court Case (2)), that wind turbines are harmless and do not cause disease(s). He ignored the evidence about sleep deprivation caused by excessive night time noise from wind turbines and other sources. He ignored as well the evidence of serious psychiatric illnesses being reported by residents and psychiatrists (such as Dr William Hallstein from Falmouth USA (3)) – yet this has been suggested or confirmed by peer reviewed research such as that by Shepherd et al (4), Nissenbaum et al (5) and Dr Bob Thorne (6).

Your Assistant Commissioner went further and, against the opinion of scores of independent researchers and clinicians worldwide, and the documented suffering of thousands of residents, he denied the existence of the Wind Turbine Syndrome. He also denied the reality of the Vibro-Acoustic Disease, which is well-known internationally to be caused by ILFN emitted by a variety of sources.” (World Council for Nature, February 9, 2015)

I add that Assistant Commissioner Locke’s denial, in spite of his biased effort, will not undermine new work being performed and evidence forthcoming about sleep deprivation. Here in the U.S. we have similar denial based on similar bias and personal agendas. Yet, through the Cooper Study (thank you The Acoustics Group Sydney), through the Brown County Wisconsin Board of Health declaring the industrial wind turbine a Human Health Hazard, the research of Acousticians Steven Ambrose and Robert Rand and so many others, and the tireless and enlightening efforts of the Waubra Foundation, the truth will prevail.

In the meantime Commissioner Locke’s personal denial of the Waubra Foundation as a Health Promotion Charity must be interpreted as an impediment to progress and truth and must be deemed so by ACNC and the Senate Inquiry. The Waubra Foundation’s status as a Health Promotion Charity must be reinstated.

I give my permission to share this e-letter publicly.


Marie Stamos
Massachussets U.S.A.
February 9, 2015

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