Stamos, Marie. Call to AMA to Prove There Are No Health Impacts

Is your area of expertise human health or the measurement of infrasound and low frequency sound?

Dr. Steve Hambleton, AMA President
Professor Geoff Dobb, AMA Vice President
Members of AMA Federal Council:

Given what we know, and more important, perhaps, what we do not know, it is impossible to believe that persons in the medical profession can possibly make a statement backing up the developers and the governments supporting the industrial wind turbine agenda. This, in appearance, if not, in fact, is what you have done through your AMA Statement regarding wind turbines.

I found your statement to be somewhat disconcerting. Is your area of expertise human health or the measurement of infrasound and low frequency sound?

It is inconceivable that persons in the medical field would, without proper proof that the industrial wind turbine does not negatively effect human health, continue to support wind technology. You support this destructive technology by your selective silence and by not demanding to be allotted the funding to prove, beyond doubt, that industrial wind turbines are not hazardous to one’s health and well being,

What difference does it make to you that wind turbine technology is “considered” (a very vague word), comparatively, inexpensive and that “available” Australian and international evidence does not support cautions about infrasound and low frequency sound. The only consideration should be that there are victims, but there are no answers and so-called available information is inadequate.

Because you rely on “available” evidence, I must surmise that you have not done your own research and you have not, intentionally or otherwise, answered why people have health issues and why there are victims. You use the word “may” rather than emphatically stating that there are no ill effects to humankind because of industrial wind turbines.

Your vagueness and your tentativeness is all the more reason for mankind, around the world, to be concerned about those in the medical profession who turn their back on a world wide issue instead of taking the necessary steps once and for all to prove that there are no negative effects to humans’ health.

You have made it sound a mass hysteria or imagined or sympathetic or psychosomatic issue rather than do the appropriate research to prove your “theory” that there are no health impacts. Until you prove your theory, industrial wind turbines are, in fact and proof, harmful to persons’ health.

Until you prove your theory, you must rescind your statement and say simply that because of lack of research to the contrary you have no proof or reason to believe that industrial wind turbines are not harmful to humans.

I say once more and most sincerely rescind your statement until you have proved beyond reasonable doubt that industrial wind turbines have no negative health impacts to humans.

The comments I have made above are in response to the AMA Statement below.

Thank you.

Marie Stamos
Quincy, MA 02171
March 24, 2014

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