Swinbanks, M.A. Enhanced Perception of Infrasound, PP Presentation

Low Frequency 2012
15th Conference on Low frequency Noise
Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, May 2012

Enhanced Perception of Infrasound in the Presence of Low-Level Uncorrelated Low-Frequency Noise.

Dr M.A. Swinbanks

Powerpoint presentation to Low Frequency 2012 Conference

Figure 17

Octave Band Wind-Turbine Sound Pressure Level Inside House (Red) compared to 1982 NASA Perspective*


D.G.Stevens, K.P.Shepherd, H.H.Hubbard, F.W.Grosveld,

Guide to the Evaluation of Human Exposure to Noise from
Large Wind Turbines, NASA TM83288, March 1982

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