Thorne, R. The Dean Wind Farm Report – Waubra Wind Farm

Noise Impact Assessment Report – Waubra Wind Farm
Report for Mr & Mrs Dean, July 2010

Mr & Mrs Dean requested a Report providing an assessment of the potential for adverse effects due to the activity from the Waubra wind farm while living in their residences and while working on their farms.

My research to date for this investigation indicates “ordinary” wind has a laminar or smooth infrasound and low-frequency flow pattern when analysed over short periods of time. Wind farm activity appears to create a “pulsing” infrasound and low-frequency pattern.

It is concluded from the information presented that Mr Dean has been and is currently adversely affected by the presence and activity of the Waubra wind farm. Adverse health effects such as sleep disturbance, anxiety, stress and headaches are, in my view, a health nuisance and are objectionable and unreasonable.

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