Tim Flannery Derides Wind Farm Sickness

Pia Akerman The Australian
March 28 2013

CLIMATE commissioner Tim Flannery has dismissed concerns about possible health effects from wind farm noise, saying illness may be caused by stress or residents being “sick with envy” at not getting payment for turbines on their properties.

Speaking at a nurses’ forum yesterday about the relationship between climate change and health, Professor Flannery fended off a question from a regional Victorian nurse who said she supported wind energy but was seeing many patients with health problems attributed to a nearby wind farm.

“As a nurse I experience lots of people around that wind farm having very negative health impacts from it,” she said. “In the enthusiasm for bringing in alternative technology, how can we ensure those affected get social justice? Whilst I support wind, I have to say that I don’t support the Hepburn wind farm because they failed to address the health issues of those affected by it.”

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Read the Waubra Foundation’s letter to Prof Tim Flannery http://waubrafoundation.org.au/resources/ltr-chief-commissioner-climate-commission-tim-flannery/