Turbine Hosts Speak Out About Ill Health at VCAT Hearing

Chalpat Sonti
Seymour Telegraph, February 27 2013

David and Alida Mortimer have been turbine hosts at Infigen’s Lake Bonney wind farm in South Australia since 2005. For years they did not realise what was making them ill with a range of symptoms, including tinnitus, heart problems, interrupted sleep and dizziness.

The couple found that when they travelled away from their farm the symptoms disappeared. Attending a meeting at Mt. Gambier where another wind farm was proposed they heard other families speak about their experiences of ill health and they realised it was not just them, but others affected in the same way. They eventually heard about the work of the Waubra Foundation and made contact.

David was happy to give evidence at the VCAT hearing into Infigen’s proposed wind farm at Cherry Tree near Seymour. David risks losing the income he has enjoyed as a turbine host, and also of offending neighbours whom he encouraged to sign up to being hosts, for the additional income benefits.

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