Vestas Launches “Act on Facts” Campaign

Vestas launches “Act on Facts” campaign

Despite senior VESTAS engineer Erik Sloth publicly highlighting the known problems with wind turbine noise, noise prediction modelling and the need for safer buffer distances and research at an Australian Wind Energy Association (now Clean Energy Council) Conference in 2004, 9 years later VESTAS launched an aggressive campaign to deny adverse health effects from their products – wind turbines.

They called it “Act on Facts”.

Below is a list of those in Australia who assisted VESTAS in launching their vigorous global “product defence” campaign, which commenced at the University of Melbourne, on 18th June, 2013.

The program includes:

Keynote speaker: Morten Albæk – Group Senior Vice-President, Vestas Wind Systems

Moderator/Chair: Kane Thornton – Deputy Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council (formerly the Australian Wind Energy Association)


Simon Chapman – Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney and expert advisor to the Climate and Health Alliance

Miles George – Managing Director, Infigen Energy

Simon Holmes à Court – Chairman, Embark Australia and Chairman of Hepburn Wind

Fiona Armstrong – Convenor, Climate and Health Alliance

Frank Brennan – Former CEO, Wattle Range Shire Council, South Australia



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