Video – Mothers Against Windfarms, Nikki Horton, Chatham Kent, Ontario

Nikki Horton and her husband reside in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Their rural home is surrounded by IWTs. Her family, including two young boys, have suffered health, environmental, and economic problems associated with living near turbines. She explains how she and her husband took some time to connect their new symptoms with the wind turbines, and that they had originally contemplated hosting a wind turbine themselves. They believed the wind industry lies that there were “no health effects”.

Nikki’s property taxes have doubled since the renovations mentioned in this video, despite real estate agents saying her house os “unsellable” – she is currently taking action to resolve this property tax issue. Nikki started a blog which has resulted in international conversations between victims suffering the same health problems. Visit Nikki’s blog to learn more.

Video courtesy of Mothers Against Windfarms.