Video – Ontario Wind Turbines

This simple video from Ontario details some of the strategies rural residents in Ontario are resorting to because they cannot sleep in their own bedrooms, because of the intrusive nature of the impulsive wind turbine generated infrasound and low frequency audible noise.

Dr Neil Kelley and his co researchers in the 1980’s established a direct causal link between impulsive wind turbine generated infrasound and low frequency noise and sleep deprivation, along with other “noise annoyance” symptoms which Dr Geoffrey Leventhall has acknowledged are the same symptoms as “wind turbine syndrome”.

Despite this knowledge from the 1980’s known to the global wind energy industry, some of which was presented at the American Wind Energy Association Conference in 1987 by Dr Neil Kelley, no government in the world is measuring the full spectrum of sound energy both inside and outside homes.

Who decided that measurement of these sound energy frequencies below 200 Hz, known thirty years ago to directly cause physiological and psychological adverse health effects, should be deliberately excluded from wind turbine noise pollution guidelines and regulations?

Who wrote the noise pollution guidelines?

Who advised them?

The UN Committee Against Torture has clearly stated that prolonged sleep deprivation is a method of torture.

Many countries with wind energy are signatories to the UN Convention Against Torture and Cruel Inhuman and Degrading Treatment. Some countries, including Australia, have ensured that torture, and acquiescing in torture, is prohibited under their criminal laws.

Public Officials from many countries are currently allowing torture to occur by ignoring the regular complaints of severely sleep deprived and otherwise severely adversely impacted citizens, some of whom are being forced out of their homes. In addition there is a disturbing trend of approving large industrial wind developments and other sources of excessive impulsive infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration near jails.

Jail inmates have no way of escaping.