Video – ‘WIND RUSH’ (abridged version)

April 9, 2014

This abridged version of WIND RUSH brings together the most important interviews and scientific findings from the documentary that first aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s ‘Doc Zone’ program on February 7, 2013.

Interviews with doctors and professors from Europe and the United States illustrate the multitude of health problems caused by wind farms and highlight the consistent nature of these issues across the globe. The program also details the variety of sounds emitted by wind turbines – including sub-sonic infrasound – to show explicitly the link between turbine noise and ill health.

Those interviewed include:

  • retired Nurse Norma Schmidt, forced eventually to leave her home
  • Dr Hazel Lynn, Public Health Physician, Grey Bruce Health Unit, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr Michael Nissenbaum, Radiologist and Public Health Researcher, Maine, USA
  • Professor Alec Salt, neurophysiologist, USA
  • Professor Henrik Moller, University of Aarlborg, Denmark
  • Dr Christian Buhl, Physician and researcher into the effects of physiological stress, Denmark