Ware, M. Wind Turbine Effects Felt on a Daily Basis

Letter to the Editor – Hamilton Spectator, July 16, 2016
Melissa Ware – Cape Bridgewater

MP Dan Tehan has stood by allowing these developments and has virtually ignored these issues. Not once has he stood up in Parliament and spoken of our personal issues….

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a property owner and neighbour to the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm my family and I directly experience unmitigated, unbearable noise/sound, vibrations and sensations; and the associated negative health impacts resulting from living in too close proximity, at less than 1km to 29 turbines. We are forced to leave our home for extended periods of time and live elsewhere while we continue to be ignored by the Planning Department and by Shires supposedly responsible for adherence to planning permits which we find unsuited to conditions. These authorities neglect the duty of care to the public they are in service to.

The Glenelg and the Moyne Shire refuse to acknowledge and remedy our complaints even while the National Health and Medical Research Council believe the health of a small proportion of the population are impacted by turbines, and are committed to and currently investigating these serious issues particularly at distances less than 1.5km.

Annoyance and sleep disturbance are recognised by the World Health Organisation as a major and authentic issue impacting on public health. For those of us trying to live near wind energy plants; the turbine, tower, blade and substation emissions can be unbearable. Without full investigations of our complaints why keep inflicting this agony onto more and more rural people?

As proven in SA these turbines are useless at providing cheap or constant electricity and the Victorian government are approving the rapid construction of bigger turbines in ruggedly beautiful rural areas without heeding expert warnings.

These and many other issues have been recognised in the 2015 Federal Senate Inquiry into Wind Farms and the 15 recommendations have inconceivably not been formally acknowledged by the Government despite Senator John Madigan’s request to do so as tabled in Parliament.

Infrasound, LFN and amplitude modulation from wind turbines has not been proven to be safe or to have NO detrimental effect on public health. Instead the issues are buried by departmental and wind industry disregard and ignorance or justification for the tornado of turbines which is unacceptable and no excuse.

There is no question that turbine issues such as amplitude modulation does impact and destroy health. Infrasound or LFN may not be heard by most people but it is certainly felt and our bodies have an unwanted autonomic response to it. Infrasound has such a profound impact on unsuspecting people that infrasonic emitting weapons are utilised by Police Forces to control crowds and public health in the US has been harmed by the practice.

No epidemiological health investigations have been independently conducted in the homes of anyone being adversely impacted by wind energy plants in Australia. Pacific Hydro refused this opportunity during the Steven Cooper extensive acoustic investigation for 8 weeks and months analysing the data obtained from homes and the wind farm. Finding a particular and unique signature of sound which correlates with the sensations experienced by residents was unequivocably squelched by Pacific Hydro and the owners and the board continues to ignore our plight. Wind in trees and dBA as a measurement or boundary of what we’re exposed to and experience is outdated and irrelevant and should be changed as recommended by the Inquiry to fit current and larger turbines.

To ignore the important findings of not only the Inquiry but also independent experts in the acoustic field, such as Thorne, Huson, Cooper, Hanson, Rapley and others, is selfish and foolish and puts greed before public health.

Many rural Australians like me are losing their health, homes, farms and property values because a wind farm is built despite all well researched objections and disapproval. Mr Tehan has stood by allowing these developments and has virtually ignored these issues. Not once has he stood up in Parliament and spoken of our personal issues nor has he ever been in constant contact with me or acted in any progressive way to represent me. In opposition of our concerns he publically supports the renewable industry and businesses within the Shire at the expense of our wellbeing and amenity and is frequently seen in the media photographed alongside industry representatives.

After at least 6 years awareness of these problems Mr Tehan has little to exclaim that in response to his constituents his government supports health studies or he facilitated a meeting with Mr Dyer the wind farm commissioner. Mr Tehan your Australian public is telling you and the Government, that to put ‘jobs and growth’ above our daily concerns and doing your own job which is paid by and for us, is not only incomprehensible but reprehensible.

Melissa Ware
(Contact details supplied to paper)