Waubra Foundation Objectives

  1. Gather, investigate and review complaints of health problems that have been perceived by the complainants as being associated with living or working lose to wind turbines and such other industrial sources that may beconsidered as relevant.
  2. Continue to gather additional information from existing and new wind projects and other sources as it becomes available.
  3. Build the existing and new data into a high quality data base suitable as a start point for properly constructed studies and review by qualified others.
  4. Use the data to engage in co-operative studies with independent researchers both in Australia and internationally.
  5. On the basis of data gathered plus local, overseas and co-operative studies, provide relevant and independent advice to communities, the public at large and local, state and federal governments and to the wind turbine industry and other relevant industries and organisations.
  6. Promote research into the effects and causes of illnesses that may be associated with living or working close to wind turbines and other relevant sources.
  7. Make the results of such research widely available, to members of the public, health professionals, and other interested parties.
  8. Facilitate the establishment of individual networks of relevant specialities of medical practitioners and other health practitioners to enable the rapid sharing of information and expertise in the diagnosis, management and treatment of patients with symptoms of what has been known as “wind turbine syndrome” or exposure to infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN) and vibration.
  9. Provide such advice and assistance as can be given to individuals and communities who believe that their health is or may be impacted by adjacent wind turbines or other sources of ILFN and vibration.
  10. Assemble the necessary resources to carry out the objectives.
  11. Raise such funds as may be possible to assist in the work of the Foundation.
  12. At all times to establish and maintain complete independence from government, industry and advocacy groups for or against wind turbines or other sources of ILFN and vibration.

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