Waubra Foundation Submission to Federal Senate Inquiry into Rural Wind Farms 2011

Federal Senate Inquiry into Social & Economic Impact of Wind Farms

On 27 October 2010 the Australian Senate referred the following matter to the Senate Community Affairs Committees for inquiry and report.

The Leader of the Family First Party (Senator Fielding), pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved business of the Senate notice of motion no. 1– That the following matter be referred to the Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report by 30 April 2011:
The social and economic impacts of rural wind farms, and in particular:
a) Any adverse health effects for people living in close proximity to wind farms;
b) Concerns over the excessive noise and vibrations emitted by wind farms, which are in close proximity to people’s homes;
c) The impact of rural wind farms on property values, employment opportunities and farm income;
d) The interface between Commonwealth, state and local planning laws as they pertain to wind farms; and
e) Any other relevant matters.

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