Waubra Wind Farm – Ministerial Briefing on Non-Compliance

Department of Planning briefing to Minister Matthew Guy, MLC on Waubra Wind Farm Permit Compliance
August 20, 2011

Selected extracts follow


1. To brief you on the required pathway to resolve noise compliance at Waubra Wind Farm.


3. Since the commencement of operation, complaints have been reported from 13 surrounding properties with 4 dwellings known to have been vacated and 7 dwellings reportedly purchased by the operator.

4. You are the responsible authority for ensuring noise compliance with the 2 planning permits (across 2 municipalities). You have been separately briefed on these matters in BMINO10076 and BMINO10428

5. On 8th October, 2010 the proponent (Pyrenees Wind Energy Developments) submitted a report entitled “Waubra Wind Farm Post Construction Noise Assessment” by Marshall Day Acoustics (MDA) in accordance with condition 18 of the permit. This report was reviewed by the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) with expert assistance from SLR Acoustic Consultants Pty Ltd and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

14. SLR Acoustic Consultants identified a number of limitations in the MDA post construction noise assessment report. These have been communicated to the wind farm operator who has advised you it has purchased another two dwellings and made a commitment to operate the wind farm in noise management mode. Noise management mode allows certain turbines to be selectively modified to reduce rotation speed or to shut down turbines by sector.

15. These actions have not prevented the continuation of noise complaints and the Department considers that operating the facility in noise management mode will not enable the facility to meet the applicable 35 dBA noise limit.

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