Waubra Wind Farm Operator Acciona Buys More Properties

Brendan Gullifer
The Courier, November 18 2010

Waubra wind farm operator Acciona has confirmed it has now bought out seven property owners. Director of generation Brett Wickham said yesterday two more properties had been recently purchased by the company.

Mr Wickham said post-construction noise monitoring was completed in September. This monitoring showed turbines near two houses could not be run normally, with noise levels exceeding those stipulated by the project’s planning permit. The turbines would need to have been run in reduced-noise mode, Mr Wickham said. He said it was a commercial decision to purchase the properties, with confidentiality agreements covering the sales to “protect both parties”.

Mr Wickham said four properties were purchased as an initial requirement of the project’s planning permit.

And in February the company effectively silenced one of its most high-profile critics with the purchase of Victor and Trish Godfrey’s five-acre property. Ms Godfrey had alleged wind farms caused major health problems including insomnia, depression, headaches, dizziness, nausea and tinnitus. At the time Acciona said the the purchase was prompted by factors that included the visual impact of turbines on the Godfreys’ home.

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