What VESTAS and the Wind Industry (AUSWEA) Knew about Inadequate Noise Prediction Models in 2004

The following Powerpoint Presentation delivered by VESTAS employee Erik Sloth at the AUSWEA conference in 2004 shows that VESTAS, Bonus Energy A/S (subsequently Siemens Wind Power) and DELTA knew the wind turbine noise prediction models were inadequate, and that further research was required.

As the paper was presented to the AUSWEA conference, the attendees would have all learnt that the models were inadequate, and that there was a need for research and a safe buffer zone.

The research has never been conducted.

As wind turbines have increased in size, so too the distance of reported adverse impacts including repetitive sleep disturbance has also increased.


Slide 3 – an admission that various parameters such as actual wind shear which were known to increase sound imissions were not corrected for in the models

Please note: Siemens Wind Power is formerly Danregn Vindkraft A/S and Bonus Energy A/S.

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