Wind Energy Projects – A Moral Dilemma

Wind Projects, the Moral Dilemma – A Rational Solution

Put simply the moral dilemma is:

Should State governments allow wind projects to continue operating in the present mode and/or honour permits for yet unbuilt projects in the face of recent evidence1 that wind projects inflict unreasonable damage to country residents?

Of additional concern to residents and, no doubt, to the Responsible Authority is that compliance testing, where it has been completed, has either shown indications of non-compliance or not been adequate to guarantee reliable results.

Independent audits2 have also shown that Noise Impact Studies presented to planning panels have not been about impacts, but simply noise forecasts to show a project seeking approval will meet guidelines; which is entirely different to forecasting the impact of noise likely to be emitted by a project.

We believe it can be concluded that compliance testing by the industry’s chosen noise experts has always been, and remains, unsatisfactory. Couple this with the incontrovertible health problems arising from current wind projects, compliant or not, and the conclusion is that the wind industry is substantially out of control, and its noise pollution is not being adequately regulated by the responsible authorities, with predictable and serious adverse health impacts on the surrounding population.

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