Cooper, S. Wind Farm Noise: an Ethical Dilemma for Acousticians

Steven Cooper writes to the Australian Acoustical Society examining the modern dilemma for acousticians measuring with wind farm noise.

August 2012

Eminent acoustician Steven Cooper of The Acoustic Group writes about the ethical dimensions for acousticians in measuring wind farm noise.

“Not since the opening of the Third Runway at Sydney Airport has there been so much publicity in Australia concerning noise – in this case wind farms. Putting aside the issue of noise versus inaudible noise there is a question being raised as to Members of the Society breaching the Code of Ethics. This is not the old question of Professional versus Learned Society.

Reliance upon criteria contained in Guidelines or Standards may be an excuse by consultants that in turn places the “fault” on the SA EPA and the New Zealand Standard. However, if people making complaints to no avail and leave their homes because of the wind farm “noise” what is the responsibility of Members of the AAS to the community?”

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