Wind Farms, Sound & Health, Victorian Dept. of Health Report

On April 29, 2013 the Victorian Government Department of Health released two reports on wind farm noise and health. One report is addressed to the general Community, the other is described as a Technical Report

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Independent health and acoustic experts from around the world have been critical of the reports. Some of that criticism is available by clicking on the links below.

Alec N. Salt, Professor of Otolaryngology writes to express his team’s “deepest disappointment with the lack of objectivity in the report”. To learn more about Professor Salt’s response, read a section of his letter or download the entire letter.

Professor Colin Hansen, University of Adelaide, has also been critical of the Department of Health’s Reports. He writes: I have a number of concerns about the accuracy of some of the statements made in your document…. By way of introduction, I have been researching, consulting and teaching acoustics and noise control for more than 40 years and have published numerous papers as well as 10 books on the subject.. Read Professor Hansen’s criticism here.